St Philip's Activities

This page is designed to provide news items in more detail, and to make announcements concerning special events.

New Rector begins his Ministry

On Sunday February 9 the Rev David Chillman assumed his duties as our new Rector and celebrated the eucharist at both the 8 am BCP and the 10 am BAS services. Thus ends a period of almost 2 years of interim service by a number of ministers, and the congregation is looking forword to a long period of stability and hopefully some renewed enthusiasm and focus to our ministry.

New Rector has been Named

It was announced on Sunday 29 September that the parish has a new Rector effective February 9th, 2014. Our new Rector is the Rev David Chillman who hails from Bagshot, Surrey, UK where he is presently the Vicar of St. Anne's. The Rev David is married to Jude, and they have two adult children, Joshua and Isobel.

The entire congregation rejoices in this news and look forward to their arrival and the beginning of their ministry here among us.

Appointment of Interim Priest

Pastor Gary Schenk of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Canada has been appointed as our Interim Priest for the balance of 2013, or until the appointment of a new Rector. In 2001 the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Canada (ELCIC) and the Anglican Church of Canada entered into an historical Partnership. This has meant that ordained clergy in either ELCIC or the Anglican Church may serve in ministry appointments in one another’s parishes. 
Pastor Gary will begin his ministry in October and his ministry will be on a part time basis, consisting of Sundays plus three half days each week. He will also attend the monthly Parish Council meetings and be available in case of pastoral emergency. Through the second half of December his hours will increase in recognition of the extra events and services around the Christmas season 

Search for New Rector

Since the resignation of the Rev Susan Hayward-Brown took effect at the end of June, the Parish has been seeking a new Rector. In mid-August the Rev Susan Hermanson, who had been acting as our Interim Priest, was appointed to another parish in the Diocese so at present the Parish is relying on the retired priests who are part of our congregation, and others to provide leadership in our worship.

The Search Committee is presently interviewing potential candidates and we are hopeful that a new Rector can be named in the near future.

Update on the Sponsorship of the Refugee Family

As you are aware from previous postings, the Palestinian family that we were attempting to sponsor from Syria, fled to Turkey during the height of the armed conflict in Syria. In January the family went through the process of being interviewed by UNHCR Turkey and in March they were interviewed by the Canadian Visa staff in our embassy in Ankara, Turkey. The Visa staff declared the family as being eligible for sponsorship, and they are now undergoing security screening which will be followed by medicals. Once these hurdles have been cleared the embassy staff will process them for exit permits from the Turkish authorities, and their travel documents will be issued for their trip to Nanaimo.

The family is doing quite well considering that they have been living in Turkey without being able to provide for themselves (the father has been trying very hard to get work but he doesn't speak Turkish). The two older children have been enrolled in a Turkish school since last September, and apparently have been doing very well, despite the language barriers. Hopefully, by next September we will be enrolling them in a school here in Nanaimo.

Let us pray that all the hurdles will be overcome rapidly and that the family continue to remain safe and well.

Safe Church Project

Cheryl Hayward-Brown is spearheading the Safe Church Project, which is a Diocesan mandated initiative to ensure that all activities at St. Philip's are being done so in a safe and caring manner. This means that all those who do voluntary work at the church have to undergo a Criminal Records Check to ensure compliance with the guidelines of the initiative.

Recently several members of the congregation attended the Safe Harbour training provided by the Central Vancouver Island Multicultural Society; this means that St. Philip's is now a designated Safe Harbour which means that we provide "Equitable Treatment for All", and we are capable of providing a "Safe Harbour" for those targeted by racism and hate.

St. Philip's Hosts the Lantzville Farmer's market

From May through to October St. Philip's will once again be hosting the Lantzville Farmer's Market. The market will be held every Sunday from 1:30 to 4 pm on the church grounds. The market organizers have additional activities planned for this year so come out and enjoy a quiet afternoon and support the food producers and crafts people who provide lots of variety and good value.